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Hi, I'd like to claim the Memory of Alessa (creature - SH3) and the Seal of Metatron (SH1 [Alessa put it all over the town], SH3 [Item, and shown in the hospital once], and shown once in SH2 during the 2 PH battle).

Thanks bunches :)

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South Park Setsu

There was a hole here ---- *waves*

Hi there! I've just joined the community, I've found it while searching SH-related ones... good one, a claiming community *licks*

Anyway, to the point :) I would like to claim, if possible:
- Character: Walter Sullivan
- Item: SH4 - The ragged doll (yes, the one Walter gives Henry... yes, I am obssessed with Walter, I know. So... *coughs quietly*)

Thanks so much in advance! :D
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Greetings from Athens, Greece.
Thank Samael, nobody claimed the GoD(dess) Heather Mason (SH3) yet... I claim her, I propose her to marriage, I want her. Can I have her?
Item....Definetely the Channeling Stone from the original SH that Heather's daddy used to comfirm that "the truth is out there". Can I have that too?
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